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 TEAM CSR circa 1989




TEAM CSR began life way back in 1989 when, as a twenty year old, Chris Sammons started motor cycle racing at his local track - Darley Moor in 1989, and soon was a regular top six finisher on his RGV 250 Suzuki 
By 1990 Chris was soon winning races, taking 8 wins to beat his rivals, (one of which was a young M. Rutter!) to the Supersport 400 championship at Darley Moor, in only his first full seasons racing. A switch to four strokes in 1991 made little difference to his winning ways and again became champion of Darley Moor this time in the supersport 600 by the end of 1992. .
The next ten years saw much travel, racing at National , British Championship and Club level of racing always on Supersport 600 machinery and his trophy cabinet grew considerably. Most noticable acheivements came with the New Era racing club with race wins at Donnington Park, Mallory Park, Cadwell Park, Snetterton and the favourite Oulton Park all on Keith Whiting tuned CBR 600 Hondas .Frequent returns to Darley Moor for over 15 years has seen results rarely outside the top 5 in the Formula 600 class. Chris has collected a trophey at Darley, for each of the 18 years he has raced there!!!!
For the start of the millenenium , and for a couple of years Chris was self employed and worked as a race mechanic for Graig Milner his late son Curtis ,( Graig won the Darley Moor Championship in 2000 ). A brief spell spannering for Jamie Morley in British Superstock , with Nick Morgan`s MSS Race Team and in 2002 Juan Kinnish in British Supersport on the Wilson and Colins Kawaski ZXR600.Still concentrating on his race preparation buisiness, a trip to the Manx GP as a newcomer in 2002, saw the realisation of a another racing dream, the famous TT circuit.

2003 Chris was involved in the race preparation for a local race team Pro-Cet Racing , specialising in the suspension set up for the team. Chris was intrumental in getting his good friend Tommy Clucas to ride for the team at the Production 600TT, initially Tommy was going to ride under the TEAM CSR banner with Chris supplying a 600 for the TT and later to use himself at the Manx GP. In the end Tommy rode the Pro-Cet R6 .Tommy had a good TT finishing in 26th place , his team mate , Chris Heath finished 9th on the other Pro-Cet CMC Yamaha R6 managed by Andy Wright. Chris did not compete at the Manx , Andy Wallace rode the Pro-Cet R6 in his newcomers year . The only outing Chris undertook was at the "Stars at Darley" meeting in October where he finished 3rd in the F600 race aboard the Pro-Cet CMC motorcycles R6.

2004 again saw Chris involved in race preparation for Pro-Cet racing this time for Chris Heath in the 600 proddy TT. Chris`s only outing racing was at the Stars meeting this time on a Mick Boddice Training CBR600RR in the F600 race.

2005 saw a return to short circuit racing, this time a different displine, Endurance with KRC on a 750 Suzuki with local team JSE Racing, taking 3rd in the Championship.Race preparation work again with Pro-Cet Racing ,this time a Superstock R1 which was ridden by Chris Heath to 11th place at the TT. Chris also enjoyed working at the Mick Boddice race School at Darley Moor, as an instructor, helping younger riders make the transition to track racing. A return to the Manx Grand Prix was the main acheivement of 2005 on a TEAM CSR Honda CBR600FS. Finished 11th in the Stars race at Darley on the CMC /Pro-Cet Superstock R1 , team managed by Andy Wright.

 2006 Chris Sammons was employed as R&D engineer for MICRON exhausts.  The main focus of his racing has been the challenging Isle of Man TT circuit. During the 2007 Manx Grand Prix he lapped at over 110 mph , on both 600 and 750 cc machinery , just a few seconds shy of the sub 20 minute mark.

2008 race season was halted in mid June due to injury sustained at Pembrey race circuit where he suffered a broken right femur. The season had started so well with a debut win in the BIG class, at Darley Moor ,on his Suzuki GSXR 1000 K5, he also got back into the top three at Oulton Park and Pembury, racing with the New Era club. With no Manx GP in 2008 and been made redundant at work and recovering from his first broken bone in 19 yrs of racing , the tail end of 2008 was grim to say the least. Chris took some comfort in the fact that he had acheived a remarkable recovery and actually rode a bike only six weeks after extensive Hyperbaric Chamber treatment on the Isle of Man.

2009 saw a return to racing this time in a different class ,on a bike which previously Chris had enjoyed a lot of success. The Steel Frame 600 class was introduced at Darley Moor and after been forced to sell the GSXR 1000,Chris bought and prepared a 1996 CBR600FT for the coming season and with much satisfaction won the Darley Moor SF600 Championship. Also for 2009 Chris rode the Al Gibbon Honda CBR600RR with top 3 finishes at Darley . Again the main event for 2009 was the Manx GP riding the CBR600RR and the Suzuki GSXR750K7 belonging to sponsor and friend Rob Joiner.

2010 Chris was now full time employed motorcycle technition with Cheterfield Motorcyles. Chris regained his 600 Steel Frame Championship at Darley and enjoyed a successful meeting at the Manx GP on the 750 , finishing the Senior Manx GP in 25th place.

2011 Chris enjoyed a successfull campain at the MGP with his best results to date . 12th in the Junior race aboard his own tuned and prepared Honda CBR600 FT. 17th in the Senior Manx Grand Prix adoard the Robert j. Joiner GSXR 750 K7, a bike which Chris did all yhe engine and race preparation.









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